Space Toolbox:
drag to add new space
Drag the space's marker to change its position.
Make the indoor space public.
WARNING: Once you confirm, all floors, POIs and connections
that relate to {{anyService.getBuildingName()}} will be lost PERMANENTLY.
You can backup all elements related to a space
(floormaps, radiomaps, pois and connectors)
Share your space through the following URL.
Campus Toolbox:
Set Campus Information:

Enable Greeklish search

Enable Greeklish search

WARNING: Once you click the delete button below, Campus {{anyService.getCampusName()}} will be deleted but every building which is included in Campus will not be affected.
Export / Import
Share your campus through the following URL.
Floor Toolbox:

• Keeps the previous floorplan to help align the new one.
• Use high zoom level to improve placement accuracy.
• Zoom level affects real-life size of the floorplan.
To edit a floor's plan you can switch to the "Add" tab, select the "Floor Number" you want to change and upload the new image. The old image will be overwritten.
WARNING: Once you click the delete button below, every POI and connection that is attached to floor {{anyService.getFloorNumber()}} of building {{anyService.getBuildingName()}} will be lost PERMANENTLY.
No building selected.
You can add a new one from the Building Toolbox.
[ {{anyService.selectedFloor.floor_number}} ] : {{anyService.selectedBuilding.name}}
POI Toolbox:
drag to add new POI
drag to add new connector
toggle edge mode (off) toggle edge mode (on)
POI's types.
Export / Import
Export EXISTING building POIs, edit them with a text editor
and Import them back.Manually set the “overwrite” field to “true”
for every record that needs to be updated.
Export / Import
To update the POIs from an excel file, with same name,
create an excel with 6 columns.
Name the 1st 'buid',the 2nd name and from the 3rd to 6th name them
'des1','des2','des3','des4' respectively.
Furthermore in 'buid' column complete the buids,
in 'name' column complete the names that mach with POIs names,
and finally in use the des1,des2,des3,des4 to complete the description.
The structure of descriptions is "des3 des4\ndes1\ndes2".
Example of .xls file:demo.xls
No floor selected.
You can add a new one from the Floor Toolbox.


Shows the Wi-Fi fingerprints that have been collected.
Please select with your mouse the area where fingerprints should be deleted.
Shows the Wi-Fi network coverage.
Shows the expected localization accuracy.
EXPERIMENTAL!
No space selected.
You can add a new one from the Space Toolbox.
  • dBm
User: {{user.name}}
Account: {{user.accountType}}
Type: {{user.type}}
UserID: {{user.id}}

API Key :
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